Zuyd has about 1.650 employees and 14.000 students and offers a wide range of education and research programmes. Zuyd provides almost every study available in the Netherlands plus a number of international programmes. Zuyd’s strategy is to interlink education and applied research with the professional environment and aims to involve students in all stages. Many of Zuyd’s programmes have strong ties with foreign educational institutes and networks.


Based on national statistics of study success, expert judgments and student judgments of the educational programs, Zuyd has been ranked in the top 3 for the past 5 years. Access to education, excellence and internationalization are key performance indicators in Zuyd’s strategy to contribute to the development of quality in higher education. Zuyd University of Applied Sciences (Zuyd Hogeschool in Dutch) is an international university of applied sciences. Our geographical location in the Meuse-Rhine Euroregion is the perfect basis for our international ambitions. Through excellent study programmes, research and services, we aim at a prominent position in the European Higher Education Area, with connections all over the world.


Strong international focus


Many of our schools have close ties with foreign universities, companies and other institutions all over the world. Several schools are members of the Magellan Exchange, a consortium of European, American and Mexican universities. Our university also participates in the European Lifelong Learning Program (Erasmus) and other exchange programmes. Zuyd offers many placement opportunities abroad.


Internationalization at home


Students and staff are given many opportunities to take part in international exchange programmes and projects. Those who do not actively participate in exchange programmes or work placements abroad, can benefit from our internationalization at home, through Euregional projects, international guest lecturers, language courses and cultural awareness training.


International population


International students are welcome at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences. About 12% of Zuyd’s 14.000 students comes from outside The Netherlands.

Quality standards


Zuyd University of Applied Sciences has signed a national Code of Conduct, which sets standards for Dutch universities in the way in which they deal with international students. By signing the Code of Conduct, Zuyd offers international students a guaranteed quality in its information, recruitment, selection and counselling procedures.

About us

About the consortium


Fresh Start – Maastricht exists of various parties playing all important but different roles. The lead party is Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, and more specifically its Faculty of International Business and Communication. Zuyd already has specific programmes in place for migrants. In academic year 2016-2017 Zuyd started with the Zuyd Refugee project with 3 sub-projects:

  1. Developing a Pre-Bachelor program (Schakeltraject) to increase access to higher education for refugees. This programme consists of intensive language modules, modules on a.o. Dutch, Mathematics, English, study skills, study advice and mentoring and coaching. The program started on 4 September 2017 with 25 participants;

  2. Offering part-time work experience internships for "statushouders" (refugees with asylum status). Zuyd realized 10 internships (work placements) in 2016-2017 in different departments and units within Zuyd;

  3. Informing refugees about education possibilities in the Netherlands and Zuyd, in particular about access to support structures and financing possibilities. This resulted in approximately 20-40 enrollments of students with a refugee background in bachelor programmes at Zuyd in September 2017.


Zuyd's refugee policy is in line with Zuyd's mission: to contribute to the development of professionals. This means recognizing the talents and potential of professionals, including the talents and potential of migrants, and contribute to the integration process of new inhabitants within the communities of Zuid-Limburg.

The Faculty of International Business and Communication offers educational programmes in International Business with a strong focus on entrepreneurship. It also had the lead role in a EU-funded project that supported three Russian universities in the set-up of a Master in Sustainable Entrepreneurship.


Zuyd's local partners in the project Fresh Start are:


  • ROC Leeuwenborgh, a school for vocational training. From various locations within the region, Leeuwenborgh Opleidingen provides regular vocational training as well as adult education. The regular vocational training programmes educate students for specific professions, whereby theory and practice is closely linked to what the labour market needs.


The fact that Zuyd and Leeuwenborgh are both part of Fresh Start means that the course modules can be tailored to the different capacities of the participants.


  • Qredits is a private foundation started around 10 years ago by a group of public and private partners. It is the only nationally operating Microfinance Institution in The Netherlands. Qredits' vision is to build a strong and independent entrepreneurship culture in the Netherlands by providing financing, mentoring and tools for micro-entrepreneurs that have a viable business plan. Qredits has designed two educational programmes to make students aware of entrepreneurship: one for high school and vocational training centres and one for people coming out of an unemployment situation. Their study programme is supported by an e-learning programme that is used to learn how to write a business plan. Qredits’ educational programme lies at the core of the Fresh Start educational programme and is adapted to the needs of young migrants.


  • Stichting Jong Ondernemen is a foundation providing schools with practical and relevant entrepreneurship educational programmes, to support students in developing their entrepreneurial skills and attitude to prepare themselves for a changing labour market. Zuyd is one of the universities that benefits from the programmes from this foundation. Jong Ondernemen’s Student Company is part of the programme offer, and the foundation can also help to link participant to businesses for internships.   


  • Vluchtelingenwerk supports and accompanies asylum seekers and refugees from their arrival in the country to self-help and independence. It focuses on integration, participation, information, juridical support, etc. Vluchtelingen werk is a crucial partner in the identification of potential participants to the programme.


Besides those official partners in this project there are more parties we collaborate and exchange with, such as the municipalities in the region, MC4E Maastricht Centre for Entrepreneurship, language providers, Maastricht Refugee Network, and the Starter’s Centre where starting entrepreneurs in general can get information and advice.