About the programme

Whether you already have a clear business idea or you want to develop entrepreneurial knowledge and skills to improve your opportunities on the labour market, the Fresh Start programme supports you to achieve your goals.


This practical programme aims to equip you with entrepreneurial knowledge and skills. The programme distinguishes different phases:

  • Recruitment and selection procedure that will finish with a bootcamp in week 8 (February 19th-25th, 2018).

  • Training programme of 14 weeks tailored to your needs.

  • Follow-up programme of max. 20 weeks in which you can apply your new knowledge and skills by starting your own business or engaging in an internship within a local business or organization.

Mentors and Business Angels will support you throughout the programme and help you to shape the support you need.


Training Programme


The 14-weeks education programme focuses on the development of entrepreneurial knowledge and skills.

The following topics are covered during the course:


  • Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial attitude (intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship)

  • Mission and vision of successful entrepreneurs

  • Creativity

  • Who am I (skills and attitude)

  • Innovation

  • Market research

  • Marketing/ online marketing

  • Financial Management

  • Juridical aspects


Part of the training is the Student Company in which the start of your own business is simulated, to get an almost real-life experience. Furthermore you will learn how to present and pitch your ideas and there will be ample time for feedback sessions. The blended learning programme offers you 1 day per week face-to-face education about a certain topic. With the support of an online environment you will elaborate on this topic with your peer students. All along you get individual support.


During the programme a mentor is available to provide you with supervision and guidance throughout the course. Your mentor will work with you to develop your own journey to ensure you get the support you require.



There is a possibility that students from Zuyd will be involved in the programme when the need arises. For example students in the Arabic Language and Communication programme can assist in translation issues, and students from the Law programme can assist in legal matters surrounding the set-up of a business.